Groups and Committees

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Mtogolo Community Support Groups and Committees

Organizational structure

The Mtogolo fifty village community is divided into seven zones (community centers) with an average of nine villages per zone/center. Each zone has its own organizational structure with responsibilities for the organization’s special focus on orphans and other vulnerable children, persons living with HIV/AIDS, youth, women and the elderly. The following are the organization’s support groups at community or zone level headed by zone management committees:


  • Health care support groups
  • Home-based care support group (specifically for HIV/AIDS patients and the elderly)
  • Orphan care support groups
  • Youth outreach support groups (aims at HIV/AIDS prevention activities)
  • Grandmothers/grandfathers groups
  • Income generating activity groups (aims at supporting organizational initiatives)
  • School committees
  • Village bank groups (works independent of the organization)
  • Community Policing Groups (protects organization’s assets and other interests)
  • Farmers clubs ensure adequate food production for at household and community level
  • Infrastructure development support groups (supports construction of boreholes, footpaths and footbridges)
  • Building committees (oversees building construction and maintenance)
  • Women various entrepreneurship activities (aims at improving household income)