Children’s Hope Malawi

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Children’s Hope Malawi aims to address the debilitating effects of HIV/AIDS within the Mtogolo area—a rural community north of Zomba, Malawi, which is comprised of 50 villages and 25,000 inhabitants. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and one of the most highly affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Like many rural areas in Malawi, the Mtogolo community–a predominantly small scale agrarian society–suffers from a high incidence of poverty that, if not addressed in a systematic manner, will pass from generation to generation or become chronic. The high incidence of HIV/AIDS in the region has led to a sharp rise of orphans, uneducated/unemployed youth, child-headed households, single mothers and overburdened elderly caretakers. Accordingly, our objective is to support the stabilization and rebuilding of the community by reversing the sense of helplessness caused by the epidemic.

We develop holistic interventions aimed at enhancing the community’s social and economic wellbeing. This includes the implementation, in a participatory framework, of programs (and infrastructure development) that will improve the entire community’s access to education, healthcare and economic self-sufficiency. Close monitoring of budget execution, expenditure controls, and project sustainability are an integral part of project implementation in collaboration with the community.

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